Due Dates

Important Due Dates for Tax Season 2018

  • Employers deadline to issue T4/T4A is 28th February
  • Deadline to issue T5’s is 28th February
  • T3’s – Deadline for Trusts to issue is 31st March
  • The deadline for Individuals to file tax returns is April 30th
  • The deadline for Self employed individuals to file tax returns is June 15th. Any taxes owing must be paid by April 30th
  • Corporations deadline to issue T2’s is within six months of the end of the fiscal year. Any taxes owing must be paid within 60 days of year end.
  • T5018 – Statement of Contract Payments- deadline to file is June 30th
  • WCB – Subcontractor annual report – deadline to file is March 31st
  • RRSP – deadline to contribute is March 1st of this year for the last tax year.